More Hidden Costs of School


 In a sequel to yesterday's blog post, Hidden Costs of School, here are 3 things that could mess up your school budget if you don't prepare for them:


1) Other interest costs.

In yesterday's post, I discussed the interest on your student loan. But now we're talking about the interest costs on credit cards, a car, private student credit lines and so on.

Some of these products have very high interest rates, like store and credit cards. Unless you can pay them in full every month, your debts could snowball fast.

Hidden Costs of School


Student Finance 101 often fields media requests for information related to students or higher education. For example, we recently provided student summer savings tips to (on an article we'll link when it appears).

This week I talked to Jon Tattrie of Metro News about the hidden costs of education. 

The idea isn't to scare students from getting their education - quite the opposite. We just want to make sure they're prepared, by having a good understanding of the costs beyond tuition. 

New! How Student Loan Aid Really Works! Q & A covers RAP, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and more!


That's right. We talk to the experts. We ask them to explain the fine print.

Okay, the fine print of student loan repayment aid rules - that sounds boring. But by learning them, you could save yourself hassle - and possibly thousands of dollars. 

That's why Student Finance 101 keeps looking for ways to explain the often-complicated student loan programs across Canada. Especially those student loan repayment programs.

'Debt Sentence' Campaign Followup 1


The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) continues rolling out developments in its "Education Shouldn't be a Debt Sentence' campaign.

The campaign was launched October 20 to focus attention on the growing problem of student debt in Canada. Tuition fees and student debt continue rising faster than inflation.

Across Canada, BC seems to be facing the most extreme rise in student debt.

Education Shouldn't Be a Debt Sentence!


This week, the Canadian Federation of Students launched its campaign to bring down the ever-growing costs of getting an education.

The campaign is aptly called "Education Shouldn't Be A Debt Sentence" and we at the Student Finance 101 Society have lent our support as partners. Use this link to the campaign site to see the latest facts and how to take action!

Harassed Over Student Loans? This Man Sued - and Won!


If you know anyone dealing with defaulted student loans, show them this story.

In this BC small claims case, one 'little guy' fought back against his abusive credit collectors -- and he won more than he had owed on his student loans. The grounds for his lawsuit was harassment leading to mental distress.

 While not news (the case was 2001) the judgement on Stephen Tobin versus Total Credit Recovery (BC) Limited should still remind people not to take abuse over their debt problems. But first, a quick explanation:

Surviving School: Week 3, 4 and 5 -- Way Too Much to Do!


Editor's note: Given his heavy load, this may be the conclusion to Christopher Sun's back-to-school blog, so be sure to read all of his earlier posts. Aside from being fun to read, they provide practical tips to help you cut the costs of school! Thanks, Chris - and good luck in your finals!


It's barely been a month and I want to have a large bonfire for all my school junk. Junk is what it feels like now that I’m falling behind.

It Worked! Many Permanently Disabled Students Did Win Loan Forgiveness


Followers of this website may remember our 'Countdown Campaign' in July, 2009.

Key government student loan aid programs were quietly being cancelled. We tried to alert as many as we could reach -- so they could apply for help while there was still time.

Application forms, rules, fax numbers and advice were supplied on this site for each program about to be cancelled, so that people could apply with short notice.

Surviving School: Week 2 -- How Did It Get So Complicated?


I am such an idiot.

After spending hours and hours searching for the cheapest textbooks online, waiting days in anticipation for them to show up and hesitantly purchasing the odd expensive textbook from bookstores, I’ve just learned that I could have got them for free.

Well, sort of.

Surviving School: Week 1 -- Cutting the High Cost of Textbooks!


Hunting textbooks for my fall semester this week, it hit me that provincial governments have the power to control tuition costs (currently Quebec, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland have tuition freezes), but there's no controlling the escalating costs of textbooks. 

Today, a single textbook can set you back $200. If you take a full course-load, you could easily spend more than $1,000 a semester on your textbooks.