How Long Will You Work to Pay Your Tuition?

Finally, some good news for arts and humanities grads.

It seems that they won't have to work as many minimum-wage hours as most other grads to pay for their degree!

Now they've got ammunition for those online discussions about student debt. You know, the ones where the trolls blame indebted grads for taking arts and humanities. Quit whining, they yell, you just had to take engineering. 

By the simple law of supply and demand, I'd guess that if everyone took engineering, it would soon pay a buck an hour. But that's still theoretical.

How to read Canada's #1 student finance guide!

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For weeks now, it's been the #1 selling student finance ebook on Amazon Canada. It's also a high-ranking seller in the US.
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Newfoundland Leads Again: No More Student Loans!

                               For related story, see Nova Scotia Goes Interest-Free, Will You? 

Replace our student loans with non-repayable grants?

In much of Europe, that would be standard thinking. But in Canada, it has sounded like an impossible dream. Instead, student debt has piled ever-higher despite pleas from parents, students and lobby groups such as the Canadian Federation of Students.

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Losing Power to the 40+%

In my previous post, we saw that just a minority of BC voters voted in favour of the political party that switched BC from first to worst in higher education access.

As detailed there, this was a minority for two reasons. First, the popular vote was split quite closely between two major parties. Second, more than 40% of BC voters stayed home.

Duh, governments make a difference.

Ok I'm going to rant. Just a touch.

And btw, to get my drift, you should first see BC: Canada's Worst Place for Students.

In that earlier post, the collapse of BC's higher education access illustrated how our lives can change by which political party gets elected.

But of course, this vulnerablity is what we live with, no matter where we are. This is not just about BC.

BC: Canada's Worst Place for Students

Have you read any of our recent 'comparing provinces' articles and blogs about post-secondary education in Canada?

If so, you might already think you know how badly BC scores regarding access and affordability. But it's worse than you think.

It's so bad that the collapse of education access in BC could be made into a poster as to why students and their families should vote.

Edmonton: Free Workshop!

UPDATE: The Edmonton event is now over. This remains just for the record.
Got student debt in Edmonton? Want your student loans to disappear faster, with less stress and cost?
On Thursday, January 30, come out of the cold for our free lunchtime workshop!
"Take Control of Your Student Loans" is quite a rare event. In Alberta, it will be given for only one day this year by Jeannine Mitchell, Canada's non-profit expert in student debt management. 

How to Find Help Paying Student Loans

 We call Student Finance 101 a 'help-site' because it blends resources and info in one place to help you get out of student debt.

But really, it's a 'help yourself' site. Most people use it that way, but sometimes we get questions. And the #1 question is "Can I get help paying my student loans?"

And what they usually mean by 'help' is government aid, such as loan forgiveness. (Which by the way, usually doesn't forgive your whole loan, but that's another story).  

Coming for real -- a better design!

June Update:

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Thanks to Zach for his consult and graphics work, which will help us along.

Yes, it really is gonna happen...


April Update:

The new website is coming along nicely.

Things got slowed down this winter due to technical issues, such as design and code work sadly being lost. Yes, this is why it pays to back stuff up...