Announcing the Happiness Money-Finder Workshop


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In the meantime, here's a summary description of what we'll cover.

Find Money for Debts or Life Goals -- Even If You're Broke

We're in tough economic times.

If you need to save for a financial goal right now, it may be easier for you to get money by cutting spending than to go out and earn more.

But what if you're broke?

What if a spending cut seems impossible -- or guaranteed to make you miserable?

Actually, you can find more money and more happiness with a self-help system called the Happiness Money-Finder.  

In a two-part workshop, award-winning financial writer Jeannine Mitchell will walk you through her unique yet simple system. It blends psychology with finance in a very practical way.

Workshop One outlines the lifestyle-tweaking Acts of Happiness. Workshop Two shows you how to combine that with Money-Finder financial strategy.

Developed to help people take care of themselves when stressed by student debt, the Happiness Money-Finder also works for other goals requiring money.

Do you want to free yourself from student loans or other kinds of debt? Do you simply have a dream that requires you to save?

Or do you want both: saving for a dream while getting free of debt?

You can do it! Create your rewarding and sustainable plan with the Happiness Money-Finder!

More workshop details soon!