If Your Student Loans Are Not From Canada

 In time, this Student Finance 101 help-site should add US student loan aid resources. There are some great sites and tools for Americans.

Unfortunately, we're volunteers strapped for time. So, for now, the aid program content on this site is Canadian.

But we still want to help you.

So -- if you have US student loans -- here’s how to find the repayment aid you might qualify for (including US loan forgiveness programs):


Step 1. Using any web browser, type in [the federal, state or other government you borrowed from] + student loan repayment aid.

                   Example: US federal student loan repayment aid

This combination of terms should take you to some high-quality, relevant web pages. The government and non-profit sites there should describe all the aid programs available for your type of student loans.

Step 2. If these search terms don't work, try similar search terms - but always list the government your loans were borrowed from. If that doesn't work, just type in [your government] + department of higher education. Once you get that government website, you can search it directly.

Step 3a. If you still don't find what you need, contact your student loan lender and ask what help you can get making payments


Step 3b. Call your government's information service and ask them to direct you.

Step 4. If that doesn't work, call your former school's financial aid officer and explain you need to know how to get repayment aid.

Step 5. If that doesn't work, call the office of your local government elected representative for that government.

                   Example: If you have a US federal student loan, you'd talk to the local                            office staff for your Congressman or Senator. They should help you find reliable information, including how to apply.

Step 6. If you can't find the number for your elected representative, your library will help you find it. Your library might also help you directly find information on student loan aid and how to apply.

Step 7. Apply!

                               Good luck from Student Finance 101!