Resolve-Edulinx Corporation: Student Loan Service Contractors



                Resolve-Edulinx Corporation: Student Loan Service Contractors



This documents are a sample of the background information available about Resolve Corporation and the former Edulinx Canada (now owned by Resolve). They show what a major role private contractors play in Canada's government student loan system - federally and provincially.

Originally, two major players competed for the student loan service contracts of Canadian governments: Resolve Corporation and EDULINX Canada Corporation, related to Nelnet, Inc.

The competition ended in the spring of 2007, when Resolve bought up Edulinx. This acquisition gave Resolve Corporation major dominance in Canada's student loan service industry. And yes, it is an industry.



2006: Resolve wins the National Student Loans Service Centre - summary

2006: Resolve wins the National Student Loans Service Centre - media pdf


These two documents describe a key event for Resolve Corporation: winning the
Government of Canada' $270.6 million contract to run the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) for the Canada Student Loans Program. This five-year contract gives Resolve control until 2010. (Note the stock market trading symbol for Resolve in the media pdf.)


2006: Resolve wins President's Choice MasterCard

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Yes, 2006 was a big year for Resolve. While this document has nothing to do with student loans, it's included to illustrate the point that Resolve and other student loan service providers deal with a whole range of financial products. And yes, "product" is how players in this field view student loans.


2007: Resolve swallows Edulinx

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This media release offers background on both former rivals.


2008: Resolve wins Nova Scotia

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Winning the federal government gave Resolve added clout in pursuing provincial government student loan contracts. So did taking over Edulinx.

This 2008 business press release announces Resolve's contract with Nova Scotia's government.


Un-dated: Resolve promoting its control of BC student loans

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This un-dated recent press release is a good example of corporate PR, in which the company praises both itself and whatever government has given it a contract. Such press releases are sometimes based on boiler-plate text, so they can be re-issued in other regions with a few quick changes of names, dates and statistics.