New Books 2 Come


People have been asking, so it's time to put this notice on the website.

1. We hear you: not everybody likes e-books. So we're finalizing a paperback version of Kaching! How your family can cut thousands off your debt without spending a cent. [Seriously].

That should be out next month. We'll announce it on the website and to everyone on our mailing list.

2. There are new books on the way after that. I'm actually writing two at the same time. Umm, don't ask why - it just happened.

The first will cover all of Canada's student loan repayment aid programs – federal and provincial. I'll also include practical tips based on my many years in this crazy sector. That should help you tap the maximum aid available to you.

The second will work for both Canadians and Americans, like Kaching! It'll help you get more money to pay your student loans even for the growing number of people who don't qualify for government aid. Some excellent financial tips will be included.

Once we've got that selection of books out for the grads, we want to focus on students. If you're a student, our book will help you dramatically cut your education costs. I'm excited about this book and already have tons of great information for it.

But when can you actually lay hands on these fab tomes?

Wish I could give a date. Knowing the topics inside out, I wish – almost daily – that I could just save time and magically download them. But I can't. When my time is split five ways, each book takes longer than I want.

Still, the next two books are well underway and they'll be announced on this website.

And if you don't want to keep checking? Just get your name on our mailing list and you'll get advance notice. You can do that using the green subscription box to your left.

It's fast - we don't ask the questions on some sites. And by the way, the email list is only for this non-profit help site. In 15 years, we've never sold or traded an e-mail list - and we never will.

Just one more thing. While you're waiting for whichever book you want, why not use the resources on this site?

It's packed full of original, practical tools and content. Our web resource is copyrighted, but it's free to all.

It'll help you whether you're currently a student, in crisis, or trying to pay your student loans as fast and cheaply as possible.

We get it. After all, we've been there, too!